“I had wanted Harvest Market to become a B Corp for over a year, but we weren’t making much progress. Hiring Heather for this project was a great decision — she got us through the certification process in under 5 months, in time for a major trade show! She also provided us a framework for improving our impact over the next two years, which will make re-certification a relative breeze.”
— Tom Honer, CEO of Harvest Market


What’s good for the world is good for business.

These days, thousands of companies run earth-friendly marketing campaigns while engaging in harmful practices behind the scenes. B Corp certification separates the truly ethical companies from these imposters. When you get your business B Corp certified, you gain recognition for your standards, build employee and consumer trust, and attract top talent—all while benefiting your bottom line. 

Zero Waste Certification

Keep your business out of the landfill.

With a TRUE Zero Waste certification, you improve your environmental impact, publicly demonstrate your standards and values, and build a consumer base that supports not only your product, but your purpose. Plus, once you learn how to effectively manage your organization’s waste streams, you’ll be able to improve your profitability and efficiency. If you’re ready to bring “reuse, reduce, recycle” into the modern economy, this is for you.

Strategic Planning

Get your business going in the right direction.

Need someone to help you make your mission-based business dreams a reality? If you’re in the midst of a vision shift, a staffing transition, or market turmoil, HPC’s Strategic Planning services can help you find the right direction and figure out how to get there faster. Whether you need a workflow redesign or a company culture overhaul, we’ll work with you to create efficient (and lasting!) changes in your organization.

Heather Paulsen Consulting Services

Additional Services

  • Employee Engagement
  • Non-GMO Project Verification 
  • Change Management
  • Facilitation
  • “Tame the Overwhelm”
  • Collective Wisdom Project

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