Work with us to craft your organization’s future, restructure processes and enhance culture.


If you’re looking for a guided approach to increasing your organization’s efficiency, sustainability, and impact, we’d love to work with you to make that happen. Our Strategic Planning services are a flexible option for companies interested in working with experts to craft their organization’s future direction or restructure their organization’s processes, workflows, and culture.

We’ve worked with clients on a wide variety of projects—from brainstorming environmental initiatives with senior leadership teams to creating intensive team retreats involving stakeholders, team members, and lots of detailed flipcharts!

When you work with Heather Paulsen Consulting (HPC) to uplevel and restructure your organization, you can expect us to:

Craft business objectives with confidence, taking into consideration your company’s culture and specific circumstances.

Determine the best ways for your company to stand out, while maximizing positive impacts for both stakeholders and the environment.

Partner with you to develop customer and employee loyalty, engagement, and trust.

Heather Paulsen B Corp Strategic Planning


Work with HPC to improve your company’s impact and bottom line:



At HPC, we partner with organizations to improve their processes, increase efficiency, and eliminate waste. We’ve worked on projects as small as a single workflow redesign and as large as a wide-scale electronic health record implementation.

Utilizing LEAN tools and other strategic practices, we can work with you to eliminate bottlenecks, improve communications, and support your team in working smarter, not harder.

Current Workflow Issues Identified

Current Workflow Issues Identified

 Improved Workflow.

 Improved Workflow.



Large-scale changes are often easy to conceptualize—and incredibly difficult to implement. If you’re in the midst of leadership transitions, workflow optimizations, or company restructuring, there are countless risks to keep in mind. You have to consider your organizational structure, your unwritten systems, your stakeholder opinions, and your company culture—in addition to the technical, strategic, and logistical aspects of implementation.

HPC can partner with you to design, manage, and implement organization-wide change initiatives smoothly (so that you can finally cash in on the results and achieve your business objectives).

Strategic Planning Team Building Consulting


If you’re in the midst of shifting directions, orchestrating change, or improving your organization’s social impact, building support for your initiative is critical. And, unfortunately, maintaining support might be your biggest hurdle as a project timeline drags on.

We’ll work with you to maintain project momentum, build excitement and engagement, and keep your stakeholders on board with your larger vision. We can also implement effective communication plans and team-building strategies that ensure involvement, participation, and support.

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