Celebrating our own B Corp Certification!

Heather Paulsen Consulting officially became a Certified B Corp on December 30, 2015! What a great way to end a terrific year! Our goal was to achieve B Corp Certification before year’s end, and we just made it. Since our primary business focus is helping other companies become Certified B Corps, it feels great to join them in ‘walking the talk.’ We are grateful to our clients, friends and advisors who supported us in this journey.

We began our B Corp certification process many months ago, before we were officially “old enough” to certify as a B Corp (a business must have at least one full year under its belt before it is qualified to certify). The standards contained in the B Impact Assessment offered the perfect foundation for building a strong, resilient and responsible company, and we often referred to these standards as we grew and refined our company policies.

B Lab is the creator of the B Impact Assessment, and is a great partner for any company that wants to build a better business and tap into the inspiration of a lively community of like-minded businesses that want to do well while doing good. I recommend that both start-up and existing companies create a B Impact Assessment account, and begin using the ideas therein to create a better company. You will see not only an improved bottom line over the long run, you will enhance your positive impacts on your employees, your community and the environment.

Heather Paulsen Consulting now has experience and success with B Corp Certification in all four sectors as defined by B Lab: services, agriculture, manufacturing, and wholesale/retail. Our specialty is working with business leaders who may find it difficult to carve out the time to work through the B Corp Certification process, due to being extremely busy with day-to-day operations. We break the project into bite-sized pieces and take care of the details, making certification and strategy building a painless process.

Contact us to build a better business and join the Certified B Corp movement!