Clover Sonoma

Clover Sonoma is a 100+ year old family dairy, creating organic, non-GMO and conventional dairy products. Under its third generation of family leadership, Cloverʼs family of farms practice sustainable agriculture, humane treatment of their cows, keep small herds on spacious land, and absolute zero use of the synthetic growth hormone, rBST.


The Project

Clover Sonoma hired HPC to facilitate its B Corp Certification process in time for its 2017 rebranding debut and a major trade show.  HPC ensured that Clover received credit for its multitude of best practices, industry leadership, and commitment to sustainability.



  • Clover Sonoma achieved B Corp certification in December 2016 with an industry-leading 97 points (a minimum of 80 points are required to become a Certified B Corp).
  • The certification process created a perfect opportunity for Clover to formalize many best practices into policy.
  • A set of prioritized, strategic recommendations and supporting documentation will enable Clover to maximize the value of its B Corp certification and re-certify with relative ease.
Clover Sonoma B Corp Certification
“Heather is one of the best project managers and consultants we’ve worked with. The whole B Corp Certification process was very positive and organized—we couldn’t have done it without her!”
— Kristel Corson, Vice President of Marketing

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