North Coast Brewing Co.

NCBC is an independent craft brewery that has been leading the industry for quality beer and social and environmental responsibility since 1988. In addition to brewing terrific beer, NCBC is actively engaged in carbon farming to maximize carbon sequestration and mitigate climate change, and donates a significant portion of its proceeds to jazz education, marine mammal research and rescue, and local nonprofit organizations.


The Project

Originally hired to steward NCBC’s B Corp Certification project, HPC has been retained since that time to facilitate several initiatives to further enhance the company’s positive social and environmental impacts.

NCBC initially sought B Corp Certification to do two things: first, to acknowledge and gain recognition for the way they have always done business – with an eye on the triple bottom line – and second, to engage with the B Impact Assessment in a way that enables the company to enhance its positive social and environmental impacts.

Heather Paulsen Consulting B Corp North Coast Brewing
First Annual Sustainability Report for 2016 produced

First Annual Sustainability Report for 2016 produced


“Heather led us through the B Corp certification process thoughtfully and perceptively, and along the way actually encouraged us to become a better company by helping us to see ourselves through the lens of our accomplishments.”
— Mark Ruedrich, President & Brewmaster, North Coast Brewing Co.

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